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Atlas Convention Launch

An integrated national-innovation technology symposium held annually to actively converge experts on sustainable initiatives benchmarked at national, continental and global economies. A bridge between industry/private...
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Think Science World Tour

One of SAGIT strategic Global network of partnership to expose our innovators to diverse innovation ecosystems to empower youth to take advantage of the next...
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Civic Society Transformation

SAGIT in collaboration with the Ministry of ICT, Postal and Courier Services to build a thriving/sustainable innovation ecosystem strategically around the transformation of Zimbabwe’s civic...
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    Innovation Without Boundaries

    “Spirited Effort to Manage Disaster” initiative aimed at building an innovation driven mindset of reducing and managing the impact of disaster by always taking rapid...
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    Research and Innovation Culture

    Cultivating an innovation-oriented learning environment across academia and respective economic sectors. Innovation cultures are prized by organizations that compete in markets defined by rapid change,...
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