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Science and Advanced Global
Innovation Technologies(SAGIT)
We are committed to developing
Sustainable Innovation Ecosystems for Africa

Transforming economies through advanced Innovation technologies.

Transforming economies through advanced Innovation technologies.

An integrated global-technology initiative focused on driving innovation and using advanced technologies to transform economies through sustainable initiatives.

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Bridging industry and academia.

Bridging industry and academia.

We create working synergies between the academia and industry to allow academia to explore its technology talent by solving industry-based challenges through sustainable initiatives.

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Building a strong local presence and international network of partners

Building a strong local presence and international network of partners

Create a strong local cross-sector presence as well as an international value-based network of partnerships that drive innovation and technology.

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Innovation Science & Technology

To transform the economy using advanced technologies as well as establishing a strong collaborative culture for innovation and entrepreneurship through sustainable initiatives.

Building innovation ecosystem

Building an integrated ecosystem, that allows stakeholders to interact extensively on diverse sustainable innovation initiatives towards Agenda/Vision 2030.

Bridging Industry & Academia

We create vibrant working synergies between the industry and academia for continued innovation and sustainable technology initiatives.

Sustainable Initiatives

This inclusive national initiative has been integrated with the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to exhibit significant and globally valuable outcomes.

Technology Events

We run industry specific events, seminars, expos, projects to foster cross-sector interactions that bring path breaking solutions to the local marketplace.

Innovation Index

A database of detailed matrices used to evaluate economic development progress and monitor key innovation factors on a yearly basis towards Agenda/Vision 2030.

What We Do

Science & Advanced Global Innovation Technologies

Advancing Innovation & Technology

Atlas Innovation Challenge

Agri-Tech Innovation

Atlas Convention

Atlas Innovation Index

Advancing Science Innovation & Technology

A path breaking and integrated national-technology initiative focused on bridging academia and industry to drive innovation with a global perspective that will help Zimbabwe attain world class industry standards towards attainment of Agenda/vision 2030.

Atlas Innovation Challenge

An innovation competition and bridging platform that actively connects the industry to academia’s brightest innovative minds providing a springboard for the commercialisation of game changing innovations and technologies.

Community Integration

Advancing ICTs (in the context of innovation, science and technology) in the country’s non serviced areas to bridge the digital divide and boost utilisation of ICTs through sustainable initiatives that improves life in the local communities.

Atlas Convention

The country’s largest and most important Innovation, Science and technology convention that brings together key players (local and international) from different economic sectors to steer innovation in line with Sustainable initiatives towards the attainment of Agenda/Vision 2030.

Tracking Transformation Factors

A key tool that will enable industry, policy makers and other partners to evaluate economic development progress and monitor key innovation factors on a yearly basis while at the same time facilitating dialogue among academia, industry and policy makers.


Atlas Tours

We are building a powerful cross-sector league of passionate innovation advocates though a series of international innovation tours.

Agri-Tech Blueprint for Africa

The blueprint is meant to assist African countries to accelerate agricultural productivity using Information and Communications Technology (ICT). Led by...
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Atlas Convention Launch

An integrated national-innovation technology symposium held annually to actively converge experts on sustainable initiatives benchmarked at national, continental and global...
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